Three African Bookies That Are Taking the Betting Scene by Storm

Africans love to visit casinos, whether it is a land-based one or an online one, but there really is nothing that they love more than betting on some of their favourite sports, especially football. Sport used to be all about entertainment, but things have changed and nowadays it is all about trying to win as much money as possible. The gambling industry throughout Africa is now worth a whopping 40 billion dollars a year. This is an astonishing stat when you consider that nearly half of the population live below the poverty line. Below are three great bookies for Africans.

1 - Supabets

football-fans-africa football-fans-africa

They originally started out in South Africa, but they are quickly spreading out across Africa. They now have offices in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zambia. One of the reasons why they have become such a popular sportsbook is because they provide great promotions that ensure that boredom is kept at bay. They got so popular in fact that they have also launched a website that ends with a Nigerian internet prefix ".ng", here look Sports betting is really competitive in South Africa, so Supabet's popularity is a clear sign of how good they really are.

2- Sport Pesa

Sport Pesa, without doubt, is the biggest bookie in East Africa. At the time of writing, they had more than 1 million players and are very popular in Kenya. They opened their doors to the public back in 2014, and it has only taken them 6 years to become a key player on the African sports betting scene. They are now the main sponsors for big sporting events across the East of Africa, such as the Kenya Premier League. To give you an idea as to how successful they have become, they rake in around 40 million dollars a year.

3 - Bet9ja

football-fans football-fans

Bet9ja have their main office in Nigeria and they are quickly becoming a go-to sportsbook for many African sports betting fans. When you play here you can find a wide variety of different sports and odds that you will not turn your nose up at. One of the main reasons why they have become popular is the Welcome Bonus that they provide - you can get N100,000 for signing up with them. They have managed to achieve all of this in just seven years, so give them another seven and who knows where they will be. Somewhere near the top, that is for certain.

How a Sports Betting Company Makes Money

People place their sports bets based on the opinions of others, research, and their gut feelings. With each bet that is placed, there are two categories that you can fall into - the losing category or the winning category. In order to stay in business, every bookie has to make sure that the money they receive from losing bets is enough to cover the money they have to dish out to winning bets. In order to ensure this happens, they have to manipulate the odds provided.

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